Website Metadata Scraper API

Extract email, phone number and more from just a URL.

#3 Product of the DayOctober 02, 2018

Website Metadata Scraper is an API to extract email, phone number, social profiles, review profiles and more from just a URL.

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Really good! If you're able to connect this with Zapier, we'd be able to do everything automagically 😉
@thiagoafram glad to hear that, we could create a zapier app if there was enough demand 😉
@philip_kallberg - Can we save this as a .csv / excel?
@vinod_sharma1 you would have to do so on your side at the moment. in future we may change the structure of the api so you can run a batch job of xxxx urls and we return a job id which you can poll to receive a csv once complete 😃

Was looking for an API like this. It saves the time and hassle of going to a merchants websites and trying to get all their details. Such a useful API!


Very very useful!! and easy to use when trying to gather information from websites.


None so far

How many times have you had a long list of URLs, and wanted to extract some piece of information from them? This weekend I had enough of that and my project became to create a simple API for it... You give us a URL and we return any contact data we can find (eg. email, phone), social data (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) as well as review sites in use (eg. Yelp, Tripadvisor and 50+ others). Here are a few use cases that come to mind: - Sales... easily get emails/phone numbers for your outreach - Find review profiles for a given company and feed them to the Review Scraper API [0] to get their reviews - Use review data in your next email outreach campaign to customize your email, eg. "Hey X, Congrats on your 5-star review from Jason last week!" - this works wonders 😉 - Follow or monitor companies on their social profiles There are already tools that return known email addresses for a given domain, but they don't actually go to the website to fetch that data. The number of times such tools have come up empty handed and I've found the email directly on the target website is staggering. This API also returns a lot more data than just email addresses. We've started using this internally and it's already made our life so much easier, and I hope it will for you too! This is just the start - there is so much more we can achieve and I would love to hear from the community how you would use this? Feel free to sign up to the free tier and go wild :) [0]:

Massively useful tool!

Keep up the great product refinement work. Look forward to getting even more value out of it as it gets even better.


Time saver!


Where has it been all my life?

Will keep using for a week to see how it runs


Super easy to use and very quick to set up.


Would love to use for products like amazon but not yet supported