Stefano Messori
Stefano Messori reviewedWebinarNinja 5.0Beautiful webinars. No worries.

Any type of webinar (live, automated, series & hybrid) you need to market and sell your product/service with just three clicks!


I needed today's version of WN 5.0 for the last few years :)

I have been with this guys since the beginning of version 4.0 and let me tell you that there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes!

WB 5.0 is a game changer, possibly the easiest webinar software to use. With the latest (last week) new Replay feature (which I have tried and it is 99% there) it rocks!

Behind the product, which you can discover for yourself (free trial), I believe there is a lesson from this guys: continuous improvements.

Creating an excellent webinar platform it is not an easy job; I believe this team of ninjas are building something remarkable.

Keep up the great work folks!

Stefano Messori has used this product for one year.