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Web.dev is the ultimate resource for developers of all backgrounds to learn, create, and solve on the web. It's meant to not only educate developers, but help them apply what they've learned to any site they work on, be it personal or business.

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Mattia Astorino
NaveenKumar Namachivayam
Katerina Boboshko
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    This product already exists in developer console. Open chrome, Press F12, go to Network tab and select audit. It the same tool and mechanism that existed for past 2 years.

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  • Katerina Boboshko
    Katerina BoboshkoProduct Manager

    Insights are categorized by potential impact. It's VERY useful.


    Sometimes it breaks.

    I am using this tool only from today, but I absolutely like it for its design and effectiveness. As a user, I feel they have approached my needs with an appropriate level of professionalism and empathy. Thanks to creators :)

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  • Deepak Mathur
    Deepak MathurPeace Seeker

    Provides best metrics and areas to improve your website to take you a light year ahead.


    It shows some error if you analyse your website first time.

    Have patience try twice if it shows some error or open your website, go to inspect element setting and from there click on audit tab, both are same, thereafter you can check over to this website, which has beautiful UI/UX.

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  • Surya Narayanan
    Surya NarayananConstantly Curious!

    It combines site speed with SEO analytics in an easily understood dash. It also has action points.


    Some of the pointers might get too technical for a client. Download of a report is not in PDF but HTML format!

    This is a useful tool from Google. Since it comes from Google, I will find it easier to convince clients of it's credentials and usefulness.

    Based on a quick study for a couple of sites we handle, it throws out decent quick wins.

    I would like to see simplification of jargon/ techspeak so it is more useful in a non tech setting.

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  • Munchron
    MunchronFirst Visual Illness Scanner

    Ideas is Great


    Not working for me

    Your site is spitting out your internal file path ( projects/webdotdevsite/databases/(default)/documents/meta/)

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  • James Hale
    James HaleFounder @ videohop.com.au

    Quick, high-impact notes


    Page load speed could be more verbose

    Page load speed could be more verbose

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    Offers analysis/advice



    Cool tool! Thank you google!

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