My daughter's lemonade stand, except for our pandemic times: a mask stand. Take a mask. Pay what you can. (Not shipping. You can pay to support the project or pay for a mask you've taken from our table.) Please steal this idea.
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This is just too good. More power to you and your daughter's initiative. Hope everyone walking without a mask grabs a mask.
@malhotra_chetan Thank you!!! That's so nice to read. :) What a great way to start my morning.
My 6 year old daughter wanted help starting business. A lemonade stand was the obvious idea. But the idea that seemed to make more sense for today was a mask stand. We put out some masks for people to take and pay us later for. Immediately folks started taking masks. We'll plan on doing this again soon. And we also want people to steal this idea. If people are taking masks from some sketchy table in the public, imagine what kind of dent we'd make if masks were free and easy to obtain in more places.
My best regards to this lovely young lady! πŸ™ŒπŸ» A great idea πŸ‘Œ