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DJ Khaled slides and shirts. Major 🔑.

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@biggiephat · Software Engineer
They don't want us to buy from the store
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Last night I saw @djkhaled announce his new store. http://i.imgur.com/18VyiC9.png This morning, everything's sold out. Brilliant marketer. 👏
Dylan Smith
@dielawn714 · Founder
How the hell did this site even make it onto product hunt? Terrible, just terrible.
Jacob Catalano
@jgcatalano · Founder
haha love DJ Khaled! I made a little site so we can all review all of the keys to success http://www.djkhaledsnaps.com/
Philip Amour
@philipamour · Freelance Product Designer
Yo all of them cocoa butter bars are sold out too.
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