Dating comes to the Apple Watch. Meet nearby singles.

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I'm not sure this is the best way to meet singles nearby, especially when your Apple Watch is illuminating your prospective hunt. Awkward. But the concept is interesting. Here's how it works (via an infographic!): h/t @selenalarson from her Daily Dot article for this find. Also check out Happn, a similar iOS-based app.
@selenalarson @rrhoover Venus symbol depicture wrong at second sketch with Apple Watch :) It should be like a mirror with handle
Would be neat to see matches based on how your heart-rate reacts when being shown people's pictures.
@jfeldstein ha...... Also, what if I'd like to look for someone in a different country?
Think there is still a lot of innovation needed in location sensitive / contextual networking, dating or otherwise ... pretty interesting idea ... think it would be even better if there were levels of "advertising"
Feature request: A "compass" mode where your match is "North"