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Next: Facebook acquires Trader Joe's to take on Amazon
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@jl_fausto omg!!! that's a good joke!
@jl_fausto Next Next: Facebook launches Edison - Electric Car Company to take over Tesla.
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Whatever happened to 'single use apps' and sticking to your core competencies?
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@webbuzzau Everyone wants to be the "Everything Store"
@webbuzzau Disney is pulling all their content from Netflix to start their service. How many subscriptions do we have to get?
@webbuzzau That will still apply to small scale companies but facebook has practically exhausted all supplies of users. To grow, they either have to connect more users to internet or eat on competition.
@webbuzzau after a second look, I think facebook started to look like yahoo home page.
Watch is no surprise. Facebook's been preparing to publish original content to compete with Netflix, Hulu, and traditional cable network. They've also been testing "Facebook TV" within the app for a while. Here's a screenshot I shared on Twitter nearly a year ago:
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@rrhoover but what about all the used cars I was gonna by on Facebook Marketplace 😰
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@rrhoover Netflix core markets are movies and series, so It looks like they are taking on Youtube & Amazon's Twitch more than Netflix/hulu, providing a great tool to record "shows" at home and organize them. Examples provided by facebook are "Nas Daily publishes a daily show where he makes videos together with his fans from around the world.", "Kitchen Little is a funny show about kids who watch a how-to video of a recipe" and live sports event... I don't see any "Stranger things" or "Okja" killer here. So they're definitely not taking on Netflix...
I'm not willing to pay money for this. Everybody and their grandma wants to have their own streaming service now (isn't disney trying to do the same thing). I don't have money to pay for all of these platforms. Heck, I still don't even have Tidal!
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@tese_omesan - Watch would be free. It’s more like YouTube. It’s for creators whereas Netflix and Disney are for big studios with large budgets.
@tese_omesan just like YouTube is free, Watch is free. But like YouTube has ads, Watch will have ads! But just as YouTube now has YouTube RED (subscription, ad-free service) will Facebook have FB BLUE?? Time will tell my friends...
@khadirahhobbs I wouldn't be surprised. if FB blue became a thing
@tese_omesan if it does then I hope I'm reminded of this post lol.
Wrote a thing on the PH blog https://blog.producthunt.com/fac...
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