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HELLO PRODUCT HUNT. We’ve built Walkie because it’s been a real pain to write copy for Slack bots. At Founders we've built a few slack apps now, and every time we have struggled with copy, going back and forth between Devs who have to implement changes and Copywriters/UX'ers who want a single word in bold because that's how they envisioned the message in the first place. We've tried storing copy in google docs, with screenshots and links to slacks message builder, even storing them in plaintext in our project management tools! Walkie is trying to solve this problem by enabling people of all backgrounds to design whole dialogues for Slack, creating messages from the ground up. Let us know if you have any questions! 🤖💬💙
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@dinoshauer Nice - this is pretty cool.... are you looking to expand to other messaging platforms too?
Hi @bentossell - Yes, we've definitely been thinking about it! Messenger is an obvious option! Are you thinking of any specifics?
@dinoshauer @bentossell love this, exactly what we were looking for. We were literally doing exctly what you mentioned, google docs, spreadsheets, hacked up photoshop template etc
Just what I was looking for. Thanks guys!
@benjamost Glad you like. Let us know if there is anything you like Walkie to do in the future.
Perfect little tool, works exactly as promised. Would love to see this evolve into a full scale bot CMS
@mmariansky thanks for the love <3 - Definitely some interesting things that can be done in that area yeah!
We are building Duuoo.io which is a Slack first company and to keep track of all the message and designing them at scale is a mess. We have used Walkie from the early beta, and it has helped out the team so much regarding creating the message experience but also to share the messaging flow with the developer. No need to excel sheets, docs, etc.
@greenlieber It's exactly projects like Duuoo.io why we decided to make this into a side project. I hope it will help other teams as well.
Would love for you to add Messenger. I've been designing a bot for a little while with a small team, and as you mention it's a mess of text documents and screenshots, with frequent changes. Quite a lot of the Messenger platform has visual elements and micro-interactions (quick replies, carousels, image cards .etc) which are needed to progress the flow, and are hard to convey in text documents... especially once there is a little bit of logic added.
@chopeh those are also the pain points we've been experiencing! And yes definitely, messenger support would make sense :) Thank you for the feedback as well!