Waffle Takeout

Project management for GitHub, brought to your servers.

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Hey, Andrew from Waffle here. We've spent the last few months focused on shipping Waffle.io for people running GitHub Enterprise, and are super excited to launch it officially today as Waffle Takeout. We've seen this cool movement where engineering teams are pretty similar between open source, startups, and enterprises. But, the ecosystem around them is pretty different. We believe empowered teams can change the world, and that includes teams in the enterprise (not just startups!). It's why we care about the enterprise, it's not just following the $. If we can bring the practices we see in the open source world into how large enterprises work, we'll help change the teams everywhere work. Even if you don't run GitHub Enterprise, I'd love to hear how our community can help bring practices we see in startups and open source into enterprises.