Download Instagram posts by username or hashtag

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1) Type in a username or hashtag and get back a list of posts
2) Sort by likes, comments, date, etc.
3) Select the posts you'd like to download
4) Export posts to a zip or excel file
NOTE: The hash of each post is changed AUTOMATICALLY when you download.
  • Pros: 

    Highly recommend it


    Nothing come in my mind now. More features will be great.

    I use this tool since couples months now. It always work great, i never had any issue. It is fast and easy to use, I highly recommend it.

    Mike has used this product for one year.
  • John Bourscheid
    John BourscheidFull time Digital Marketing

    Quick, clean and seamless. Highly recommend to anyone!


    If I could change one thing, I'd have a batch of 250 posts download as one zip file of 250 vs 10 of 25, but I understand why it is this way.

    Kyle knows how to take care of his products and his customers.

    John Bourscheid has used this product for one year.
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KyleMaker@kraftykyle · Developer || Entrepreneur
Thank you for all of the support so far and to those who've told me, "You should really post this on Product Hunt." I built this tool from the ground up for myself initially, but decided to release it for the public to enjoy. It's helped me immensely in finding highly-engaged content to repost on Instagram, but certainly there are other use cases for this tool. Main features: - Download an Instagram post by URL (nothing new here) - Download posts by username or hashtag (this is pretty nifty 🐱‍👤) - Sort posts by likes, comments, and/or date - or even filter based on if a certain hashtag was used. - Download post data to excel - Download posts to a zip file (I automatically change the hash of each file so they're safe for reposting!) => Please comment if you have any ideas on how to make this better. I'm improving the tool literally every day. It's amazing how far it's come in such little time. All feedback is welcomed! ****************************** NOTE: I personally hate Product Hunt launches that are only for paid products. Vurku has a forever free tier that is good to use for most use cases (you can also test it out without having to sign up at all). I also created a PRO version for those that need the extra features / usage and see the benefit of paying in order to save a ton of time. I'm giving everyone a 20% off discount (recurring for life) to welcome in the Product Hunt launch. Use code "PRODUCTHUNT" to redeem.
Dennis van Dalen
Dennis van Dalen@ieatsalot · Turn complexity into simplicity
Cool product, I really like that you can download images in bulk :)
KyleMaker@kraftykyle · Developer || Entrepreneur
@ieatsalot Thanks! Yea usually sites only download single images which I found quite restrictive. This tool is especially useful to download multiple images and even sort through the posts after you search for them. Cheers!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Useful for those that want to backup their IG photos but does this break their TOS, @kraftykyle?
KyleMaker@kraftykyle · Developer || Entrepreneur
@rrhoover, great question! I specifically made this tool because I didn't want to use one of those automated bots people use to follow/unfollow people that are clearly against Instagram's terms of service. The honest answer is that scraping is a bit of a gray area. I can say this: your account cannot get banned from using Vurku (unlike other automated bots as listed above). Also, Instagram cannot know that your account is using Vurku since you do not sign into your account nor do we integrate with their API in any way. I hope that helps!
Krishna De
Krishna De@krishnade · Social business & live video strategist
@kraftykyle Now this is clever! Would love to see the option to download stories and live videos too!
KyleMaker@kraftykyle · Developer || Entrepreneur
@krishnade, that is a great suggestion! I just added that to my list of things to add!
Krishna De
Krishna De@krishnade · Social business & live video strategist
@kraftykyle You are very welcome
Alec Garcia
Alec Garcia@calialec · Coffee ☕️, code 👨‍💻, and travel ✈️.
@kraftykyle Be careful. FB permabanned my personal Facebook and Instagram accounts because I created Chrome IG Story which allowed people to download Instagram Stories. They are really cracking down on ToS violations.