Chrome IG Story

View your friend's Instagram Stories in the browser.

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Nice hack. We've seen a bunch of Instagram desktop apps and Chrome extensions but quickly they get shut down. How does this work, @calialec?
@rrhoover @calialec I like the dirty crop of Chrome's logo into Instagram's 😚 I doubt there's an official read access to the Instagram stories API endpoint though...
@rrhoover I just published a Medium article explaining on a high level how it works. Basically, it utilizes the cookies to authenticate requests to Instagram's private API for Stories.
Ooo cool!
Awesome! Now anybody going to make a Chrome extension that lets you download a Instagram Stories (your own story at least)?
@guy In chrome while the Story is playing, right-click on the video and "Save video as..." :)
@guy I just updated the extension to support this. Simply right click their profile icon and you will see a "Download Story" context menu item. It will zip up their Story and download it.
@calialec you should build a 'download all' button :D
where this extension?
Chrome IG Story