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Pak Ting
Pak TingMaker@paksunting · worker, Votee
Hi Nick, thanks for hunting us! We're super excited to be here! We want important decisions to be made with the help of feedback from the people that matter, thus we created Votee. We started with brands because they have an intrinsic need to connect with users before they make certain decisions. However, in most cases, users only give feedback post purchase, in the form of complaints! Brands on the other hand, typically rely on expensive market research tools like focus groups, rented users, etc. to collect slow and sometimes unreliable feedback. There is also the problem of pricing, as the cost of holding a focus group, for instance, can be as expensive as $200 USD per person, making market research available only to fortune 500 companies. Beyond disrupting market research for the benefit of brands, we want to make Votee accessible to anyone. Follow brands, users, blogs and celebrities to give your two cents. Or vice versa, you ask questions to your followers to get feedback on your questions (e.g. which book should I read?, etc.). We think Votee is a new, fun and constructive way of engagement and a fun way to provide your opinions to the questions that matter to you. Our latest version includes a lot of cool features like - secret voting - compatibility score - thank-you note, to thank your users for helping you decide - comments / secret comments - more to come! I'm free to answer any other questions. Thanks once again!
Elizabeth S Hunker
Elizabeth S Hunker@elizabethhunker ·
The race to nail this will be major. Probably leaving niche sectors & regions to be reigned by a few not one. I like this, is what I'm saying. @HelloVotee @nzieber @paksunting
Nick Zieber
Nick ZieberHunter@nzieber · Tech & Startups Community in Hong Kong
Hi @paksunting Votee seems really promising as a disruptor for cost-effective market research. Can you help me to understand a bit more about the journey you've been on to make this a reality?