VoiceText for Slack

Voice notes w/ transcription in Slack

Asynchronous voice notes transcribed directly in Slack🎙 ✍
• Communicate quicker and w/ more nuance via voice
• Transcriptions allow for easy skimming and searchability
• Simple & quick UI to send via mobile or desktop
• Free & available in 18+ languages🌍
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hi, I'm Junu from Presence (https://www.presence.so). VoiceText (https://voicetext.presence.so) is our first mini-app to enable remote teamwork to be more human, frictionless and fun. Maybe you're trying to build rapport with a teammate or stressed out trying to type out the perfect message on the go. One click from Slack lets you send an asynchronous voice message. All VoiceText messages are transcribed so others can easily skim or search what's been said. Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts 🙌
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This is awesome. I have been using the Presence beta for some time now and I have to say that this was a big upgrade for our company that also lives in Slack. Well done team Presence
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@iamioannis Thanks so much for your support! We have a lot to work on and we're grateful to have you with us on our journey :D
Big fan of what Presence is building and this hits the mark again! There aren't many async voice communication tools, and this one fits seamlessly in my workflow with Slack. Pros: - Seamless Slack integration - Easy to use - Transcriptions are handy for finding old messages Cons: - 30-second time limit, but it looks like that's already being addressed Keep up the good work!
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@andrepaul Can't thank you enough for your support! We're working on making transmitting/sending messages much quicker along with the time limit :D
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@andrepaul Now increased to ~60 seconds. To be optimized more
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Awesome idea. Installed
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@eric_axelrod Let us know how it goes👍
@junetic It would be great to do the voice recording directly from the Slack channel, rather than opening a browser window
@eric_axelrod Slack doesn't currently allow this unfortunately😔