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Voicepods is a service that allows realistic text to speech conversion. Embed your audio on Medium or Wordpress, push it as an Action on Google, or create your own podcast - it all just takes a minute.

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Hi PH! Thanks for the hunt Robleh! ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm the creator of Voicepods, a service that converts written content to human-like audio using state-of-the-art AI models. I started Voicepods to allow anyone to be able to convert any written work into a podcast - but it's turning out to be a lot more than that. I've seen Voicepods be used for creating audio stories, product voice-overs, as well as of-course converting blogs to podcasts. Here's a list of some cool things you can do: 1. Create realistic audio from text in 8 voices (male, female, and different accents) 2. Create a podcast that will be hosted by Voicepods. Everytime you convert another piece of text, it'll push it to your favorite podcast app like iTunes, Google Play Music, Pocket Casts, etc. 3. Publish to Google Assistant with One-Click. It'll automatically be published under the Voicepods Action, and it takes 3 days for us to get it approved as a custom action. 4. Add as a widget on Medium, Wordpress, your own website, or practically anywhere else on the web! We're also actively doing pilots with custom voice models - so if that's your thing, give me a shout! I would love to hear your feedback. ๐Ÿ˜
Over the weekend I experimented with Lyrebird in attempt to recreate my voice to publish a podcast entirely via text. The results weren't bad but didn't sound natural enough. I see you're exploring this space as well. How do you plan to create custom voices, @zohaibahmed / @saqibmuhammad2?
@rrhoover We're also taking a Deep Learning approach, there is a lot of excitement in this space, and I think it's just a matter of time that speech synthesis will be as good as some of the computer vision models that are out there. Our existing solution is to work with customers more directly to get good quality data that we can use for speaker adaptation on our existing models. It's definitely a work in progress, and we hope to make it available through a UI for everyone one day when the results are consistent. For the moment, we're taking on selected pilots.
Hey All - I am the maker of Voicepods. Excited about the future of voice. Feel free to shoot me an email at saqib@voicepods.com for a 1-1 chat.
I have been waiting for this for a long time, thanks!
@pregenun Awesome! Let me know your thoughts or anything that you think is missing :)
@zohaibahmed don't see anything yet, I guess you are already trying to let it be more human
LOVE this. The stock voices are fairly good, I know you are trying to improve them. I have the same Qs as @rrhover, wondering if/when you will be doing custom voicing/personal voice printing. As I was messing around with the product, I noticed a few things: After signup, and in the projects section app.voicepods.com/projects, there is no longer a way to test the voices without "recording" one; also, the pricing tiers and features are no longer accessible when signed in. Might be worth linking those into the profile area to aid in conversion. Cool product, looking forward to testing it out more.
@rrhover @michaelstjames Thanks for the feedback Michael. Glad you like what we have so far! We are doing pilots for custom voices at the moment. I'll send you an email so we can kickoff a talk about what you're looking for. Thanks for the other feedback! I'll be cleaning that up so we can make it easier for users to use the product.