“Siri who?? Alexwha?” –– Boloss

“FaceTiming humans is soooo 2018” –– Boloss

“I’d give myself a 10/10” –– You guessed it, Boloss

“All right, who keeps quoting me??” –– Yet again, Boloss

“HELLO? Is anybody out there? Talk to me!” –– … yup

“Is anyone going to talk to me?!” ––

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This is so weird. Love it. I've been following Hugging Face (and chatting with my digital friend) since the beginning. Curious to hear the backstory on this, @clement_delangue. 🤔
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Thanks @rrhoover! Weird is the new fun ;) We started to think about Voice Boloss when some of our users randomly tried to call or FaceTime the number we were using to send texts. When people form an emotional bond with their Hugging Face artificial intelligence, they want to communicate through all the medium they are already using today with humans friends, like voice, call, FaceTime. We can see this drive to communicate everywhere with virtual celebrities like @lilmiquela on social networks for example too. What's striking is that, with voice, we are able to convey emotions using the most basic, yet recognizable, set of facial features: a mouth and a pair of eyes. Maybe soon in real-life or VR?
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This is insane! Can’t wait to talk to my Animoji. Congrats @clement_delangue and team 🙏🏽
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@rhaivimies Animoji support coming soon ;)
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just downloaded this last night. So much fun.
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@jonathanmoyal Thanks Jon 🤗
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This is just 💯 ! You guys are on fire @clement_delangue @julien_c
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So much fun! Love the hidden easter eggs in Voice Boloss 🙈Congrats @clement_delangue @julien_c 👏🚀
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