A new browser for the power users by former Opera CEO

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It's a pity there's no real screenshot from the browser on the website - this is what should be selling it. They are just talking and talking instead of showing it...
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@uxboy couldnt agree more. I spent a good 60 seconds looking for a screenshot. The nice design on the site and my product geek curiosity was compelling enough to make me download but I'd have downloaded after 5 seconds if I'd simply have seen the browser on the homepage.
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@uxboy Thanks for the feedback. You are right. We will add some screenshots!
Not to be a curmudgeon, but what's different or better about Vivaldi? I'm satisfied with Chrome (which has a massive ecosystem of useful extensions), so what am I missing?
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@rrhoover Well for one thing, Chrome is the biggest resource hog of all time. So far my experience here has been a smooth, high performance browser, but you're right that it's tough to live without certain extensions. I've also been trying out Waterfox ( for it's 64 bit power and liking it better than Chrome so far.
@rrhoover Vivaldi support extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Not sure if all are supported. But the ones I use work just fine as they do on Chrome.
Vivaldi uses JavaScript and React to create the user interface — with the help of Node.js, Browserify and a long list of NPM modules. Vivaldi is the web built with the web.
More than the browser itself, it's all about powerful extensions these days. Don't see this replacing my Chrome usage any time soon.
@objective_b It should technically support all Chrome extensions. The extension page actually links to Chrome Web Store itself. It is basically Chrome with additional features (notes) and a pretty nice user interface.
All I need for this to be complete is a password manager (take your pick, LastPass is preferred), a feature like Lazarus Form Recovery, and an Ad Blocker. Also, unless I'm missing a setting, I'd prefer tabs open up in the background instead of immediately moving me to it when I right click and new tab [EDIT} Alright now I'm confused...certain Chrome extensions seem to work! How are you managing that?!
@itsthisjustin It is essentially Chrome with a different user interface. They actually send you to Chrome Web Store and probably have no plans to create their own app store like Opera. I have migrated my essential ones and they work just fine in Vivaldi.