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First thanks to @kwdinc for hunting Visme for Infographics! We're excited to be here to show you that anyone without design experience can create awesome infographics quickly and easily. A little background: My team and I have been working religiously for the last 4+ years to bridge this wide gap that exists between people and their ability to create professional Infographics and Presentations. The reason I started Visme was that I saw firsthand, the problem with most visual/design tools is that they require a long learning curve, OR when they're simplified enough for non-designers, they are way too restrictive so you end up with limited abilities and off-the-shelf looking content. Visme was created to be different. It's created to give non-designers a strong starting point, and those who want to get into deeper customization enough features and flexibility to have the capacity to do so. It's made to be simple but at same time powerful and rather than letting you create just one type of content, it allows you to create professional (and engaging) Presentations, Infographics and we're now diving into other formats. It's used by all types of users, from educators, students and marketers in over 100 countries as well as teams from notable companies including IBM, NASA, NIH, Accenture, and Metlife to name a few who use Visme as their go to app for their visual communication needs. We noticed one of the pain points users have is they don't have time and they want to create it fast but yet have the end result look professional. And that's where our new content-block feature comes into play! We've been working on this for sometime and have more improvements on the way. Today I'm very excited to announce the release of our Content-blocks feature which anyone can use to create beautiful custom Infographics and Reports in minutes Not Hours! You can even change your entire color scheme in one click and create your own content blocks so you can re-use them in other projects so you can be more productive and create uniform content down the road. Watch the short video in this page for a quick overview and we're here to answer any questions you may have. Looking forward to your feedback! Thank you everyone.
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Infographics allow you to translate boring data into easy-to-understand visuals that grab the audience's attention but most people don't have the experience or time to create them. Most do-it-yourself infographic tools provide users with pre-designed templates to choose from where non-designers become frustrated by the amount of time they need to spend modifying templates to their needs. Visme is solving this challenge by providing users with a new feature that allows them to browse through a library of pre-designed content blocks that correspond to the different sections of an infographic. This way, they can simply drag and drop content blocks onto their canvas area and apply a color scheme with one click. Choose from dozens of ready-made blocks, including a variety of header and footer layouts, and body content blocks, such as numbered lists, timelines, and charts combined with text. Select from dozens of monochromatic color schemes which can be applied to your entire infographic with a single click.
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For more information on how to use content blocks, you can also go here and look at a few examples made with the new feature: http://blog.visme.co/quick-infog... We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Just drop us a line in the comments section!
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Love this feature. Often times I can't find a template I want or I just want a part not all of it. I think this one will help me create my own layout fast without selecting icons/objects one at a time.
I was going to skip getting Visme because it had too many options... While it's great to tweak tiny details, add animations, and add interactions... I noticed that making the same graphic was 3x slower vs. GetStencil or Canva. I'd appreciate the animations and interactions... but a piece of graphic does not get published if I'm too engrossed playing with the details. ---- These pre-made blocks + new interaction flow is a game-changer! I quickly tested Visme again after seeing this announcement and I was pleased... Dragging and dropping the blocks is a super fast & smooth experience! On top of that, adding theme colors in one go is a major game changer! Why? I won't have to tweak every single little element to match the colors. ---- Visme with ready-made blocks is a game changer. It's the kind of UX flow that I get from SlideBean, allowing me to just focus on the content because the app handles the design. It's a way of thinking regarding making infographics in minutes (instead of hours). I'd be super pumped to see this mindset implemented throughout the rest of the app in the coming months :)
@allancaeg thank you for the great reply. Agreed; the content block feature is to help reduce some of the pain points users face when creating content. And also not to forget now that you have the ability to select any group of objects and save them as a block will allow you to reuse them in other projects be it a Presentation , Infographic or whatever else you're creating. We have number of other improvements in the works; this is one step of many to come. cheers!
@paymantaei thank you for the great product and its evolution, Payman! Looking forward to seeing this simplicity implemented more in the app. You already proved that Visme can create tons of great visual templates, so I'm optimistic that they'll easily turn into nice ready-made blocks. Please keep doubling down on this direction plus adding flexibility to color templates (e.g. if I want a combination of red and dark gray palette). This new user flow is a game-changer :)