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Visme, the do-it-yourself, all-in-one visual content platform, now supports the creation of flowcharts, mind maps and concept maps. Easily create professional diagrams by tapping into:

- A variety of shapes, lines styles and endpoints to choose from

- A selection of pre-made flowchart blocks to get started quickly and whole lot more...

Nayomi Chibana
Orana Velarde
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  • Monfa Cabrera
    Monfa CabreraIllustrator

    Easy but powerful, it provides solutions to better communicate our ideas and also promotes creativity. Recommended!


    It would be good to incorporate more assets

    The product is focused on people without knowledge in design, but I as a graphic designer find it very complete and does not limit me when creating a design.

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Phil Freo
Phil FreoHiring@philfreo · Head of Product & Engineering @
This is the type of product that I’d love to play around with quickly before making an account. Suggestion: let people start creating a flowchart and only when they want to save it should an account be required. Reduced friction = more engagement
Payman Taei
Payman TaeiMaker@paymantaei · Founder, Visme
@philfreo You can always create a free account and can delete account if needed. But I do understand your point; something we'll be discussing. thx
Aleksander Skjoelsvik
Aleksander Skjoelsvik@alekplay · I like making things
@philfreo Agreed. Looks wicked cool, but I never press the close button quicker than when a site requires me to sign up before trying it out. Feel free to @ me once you've made this change.
Payman Taei
Payman TaeiMaker@paymantaei · Founder, Visme
Hi everyone. Flowcharts are the perfect content format for visualizing processes, workflows or systems, which is why they’re widely used across many diverse fields, from business and marketing to engineering and education. At Visme we are on a mission to empower everyone to communicate visually. We have created features to improve the way you can create interactive Infographics and Presentations, Reports and Charts, but one feature that we often were asked about was the ability to create flowcharts. Creating them with traditional tools like Microsoft Word, can be a time-consuming task. After spending hours combining shapes, text, lines and arrows, you often end up with a result that looks bland and unprofessional. This is why we spent the last year developing a tool that will allow you to easily create eye-catching flowcharts, concept maps and decision tree diagrams in a few minutes, as standalone pieces or as part of your presentations, infographics and reports. Not only can you now create standalone flowcharts and process diagrams in Visme, but you can create them to complement any visual format you create within Visme (for example as part of a slide, or a page of your report and so forth..) This is our first release; so I welcome your feedback and what you think of it and any recommendations on how we can improve this feature. Thanks!
Shreyaa Ratra
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via
@paymantaei , Are you doing outbound mails to corporates for Visme ?
Monfa Cabrera
Monfa Cabrera@damonfa · Illustrator
Easy to use, but not lacking in power, provides solutions to better communicate our ideas and also promotes creativity. Recommended!
Nikita S
Nikita S@singareddynm
Now that’s the kind of tool I’d love to have at work. We’re constantly mapping operations - it’s cumbersome to use PPT to do it. This would be a go-to product. Congratulations!