Visme 3.0

Create stunning slides, infographics & designs in minutes.

Visme 3.0 is a platform that helps you create eye catching content including decks.

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Thanks everyone for checking out the new Visme. My 17+ year background in digital design working with hundreds of clients across different verticals inspired me to create Visme, an all-in-one visual communication tool to empower non-designers to create beautiful engaging presentations, infographics and other forms of visual content in minutes, not hours. From my perspective most content tools fall into two categories. They’re either dumbed down for non-designers to be easy-to-use but are restrictive, or feature rich and powerful but with a steep learning curve geared towards professionals. Visme is different. It balances east-of-use with powerful features, and gives users the ability to customize virtually every part of their design. It’s a result of five years of research and development based on direct feedback from thousands of users on what they wanted in a tool and what they wanted to produce with it. Fast forward today Visme has been used by over a million people from all walks of life including teams from large corporations such as IBM, Daimler, WorkDay, to leading non-profits and individuals. A few quick highlights on what you get with Visme: - Create all forms of visual content - Extensive library of assets, fonts, images and icons - Over 1,000 customizable blocks of content to add to your designs - More than 1200 beautiful templates - Ability to share as public or private content, and download for offline use (including Image, PDF, and HTML5) - Analytics to measure engagement and traffic on your content - Collaboration features to work as a team with ability to set roles and permissions - Ability to customize and set your own brand fonts, colors, templates and logo - Animate and add interactivity to any object (link to sites, email, social, or pop-ups) We are preparing to launch out of Beta next month and I would love for you to take a full version of Visme for a test drive or use to create your next content - No credit cards required, no strings attached. Sign-up here: (This link will expire in 24 hours) Your feedback is appreciated!
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For those not familiar with this platform, Visme is a goldmine for professionals looking to style up their content and visually communicating it internally, and to their clients. Beside stunning presentation templates, you can personalise the content by using building blocks and incorporate them into it. I use Visme mainly but not exclusively to: 1) create content for my online programmes; 2) embed animated short infographics into my Blog posts; 3) compose editable templates for my clients. And there is so much more you can do with Visme, I would suggest you give it a go.
@stefanothinking Thank you very much Stefano for being a long time Visme user and realizing the benefits it's providing you. We are continually improving on Visme and this is just a new chapter with new features/refinements in the works.
Woah, Canva and Keynote had a gorgeous baby. Will be trying this out in meetings. 😎
@asher_harris That's a great way to put it what Visme is. Actually when people ask me what is Visme, I say; it's a like a perfect marriage between key features of MS Powerpoint and Photoshop minus the complexities. But perhaps if we added Canva into the picture; then it be excuse my french a manage toi :)
@asher_harris by the way; you can get your self a full 2 week Premium just for today via:
This guys are ready for business. Love how you can manipulate chart data's, that's something canva and crello lacks. Will definitely be giving it a go.
@basictechy Thanks Andrew. We've been working on Visme for about 5 years; and this latest version gets us closer to our long-term vision of allowing anyone to speak visually . feel free to give it a go; just for today we're giving 2 week full premium access if you go here:
Great platform and team! The new version looks sleek and cool!
@yam_regev Thank you Yam. Oh and we love too. great place to get niche curated marketing content.