Create interactive online presentations in HTML5

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It reminds me of, curious how it differentiates itself. BTW: the odd animations on the "Create the best content" look like powerpoint's (I'm not sur that's the reference you want to have).
@BriodF it does feel like canva. Though canva is farther along, strong usability and recently added design training classes.
The image next to "its extremely simple" looks anaything but simple, You should change that.
I recently tested Visme out as well. =) I found it super intuitive and full of adaptable assets that jumpstart the presentation process. It's really versatile and easy to use. =) Using Visme's pre-designed elements is a huge time saver over making things from scratch. I like the flexibility of the templates and assets and the built in animation feature. I'll definitely be using it to make infographics and presentations for my online courses.

Great for infographics


Easy to use and powerful images for presentations


Some areas of UI