Podcast Hangouts are like book club chats, but for podcasts. Find a hangout on a topic you're interested in, listen to a curated podcast playlist, then talk about what you heard with other podcast fans over a casual video chat.
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Hey PH community, It's been a couple years since Podyssey launched on Product Hunt, but now we're back! We're launching something today called Virtual Podcast Hangouts. The idea behind it is to meet others with similar podcast interests and have live discussions on topics that interest you. Here are some upcoming tech hangouts that might interest you: 1) Women in Tech: "Examining Tech Bro Culture" - Thurs, Apr 16 & Mon, Apr 20, 5pm to 6pm PDT 2) "Making Remote Work" - Wed, Apr 22, 12pm to 1pm PST 3) "Quibi - The Billion Dollar Bet" - Tues, Apr 28, 5pm to 6pm PST 4) "React Native - Is it worth it?" - Thu, Apr 30, 5pm to 6pm PST 5) "Should Big Tech be broken up?" - Tue, May 5, 5pm to 6pm PST For more podcast hangouts on other topics like comedy, storytelling, true crime, and more, visit our calendar of events and subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated: https://podyssey.fm/podcast-hang... If you'd like to organize your own podcast hangout, we've also created a how-to guide with tips on how to host your own, and assembled a podcast library with great podcasts and playlists you can choose from for your hangouts. If you have any suggestions for hangout topics, comment below to let me know. Hope to see you all at one of the hangouts! Danny
This is great! looking forward to participating in these discussions. I recently had one of my own for my Women in FinTech Initiative venture, and it went really well, using Google Hangout Meet. I'd like to check out how Whereby and Zoom elevate the online discussion experience for larger groups, ideally, with breakout session options. I will keep you posted on our next podcast discussion event. I'm looking forward to seeing how you do your larger events, so we can emulate this for larger events. I do like the idea of an intimate discussion with 10 or less participants in each discussion group. Congratulations on launching on Product Hunt! I love the Product Hunt community!
@khw77 Thanks Kim :) And glad to hear the Women in FinTech online meetup went well.
Love love love!
Let me know if you have any questions or feedback :)
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