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#3 Product of the DayOctober 27, 2017

Trixie React-Virgin is a simple & beautiful UI kit for react-native.

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Hello Product Hunters πŸ‘‹πŸΌ, Sooraj from Trixie team here. Trixie is a chatbot to suggest meditation based on your mood and time of the day! πŸ“± We had recently hunted Trixie - We received some good feedbacks on the design and was asked if we used any UI kits. That’s when we thought of open sourcing the UI components and giving back to the community. We were on Github’s trending Javascript repos ( 12th ) on the day of our first push. Feel free to make pull requests and contribute to the project. Let’s build the bootstrap for react-native. πŸ”₯
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Hi guys! First of all, thanks for the contribution. I was wondering, from your experience, is React Native enough for a great app on both iOS and Android (like Trixie) or is specific knowledge of each of these platforms/languages necessary? Thx!
@joselfgaray Trixie was my first mobile app. I have no idea about Java/Android development or Swift/ Objective C. I think that explains how easy react-native is. I'm just an ordinary Javascript developer.
@joselfgaray Interesting question, for most of the applications, only react native is enough since you will find open source components (if not the UI library) to do any user interface in React native. If you have some specific UI components which are more custom for your app, then you have two choices. One is to create it using react native default components API or create custom react native plugin using native code (android or ios). Not neccesarily you need to have the mastery in other platforms if using react native, but understanding how mobile app flow and life cycle works and how different is it from web are good to have skills to develop a solid application.
@joselfgaray @paramananthamharrison Exactly. We are just trying to make the creating component parts easier. We have some basic components including navigation to get started. More components on the way.
@paramananthamharrison @iamsooraj awesome then. Thanks for the explanation and good luck in the future! :)

Hey Sooraj, Nice job. It looks beautiful. Will give it a try.


Nice to see open source UI kits in React Native


From the first look, components have more specific design. May be I haven't dig deep into the kit yet.

Yes, the design is what we used in our app Trixie ( ). Hopefully, we will add more components soon.
Hi guys, what's the motivation behind the name? Thank you.
@lmenus Even beginners can get started with this easily. There nothing complex in it right now. Just the basic elements to build a basic app.
@lmenus @iamsooraj That is... not what comes to mind. Personally, I would not use this in a professional context because of the name, regardless of what advantages it might have.
@lmenus @bethcodes Never really thought about that. I'm not sure if Richard Branson thought the same way too πŸ˜…
@bethcodes @iamsooraj He was very deliberate with the name choice, that's why I was curious why you chose the same name in different context. His reasoning was they were business virgins, not sure if the word virgin relates to being able to start easily, it's rather the ability to finish easily.
Thanks for you contribution. IMHO, it seems like a promotion for the app too. Hope it works :)
@yuanotes Honestly it is! It's a win-win i guess.