Native advertising for virtual and augmented reality

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Oh no, now i'll need an Ad Blocker for VR 😱
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@thekitze You won't need it. We have a strong anti-disturbing-ad policy and don't support any formats that would disturb the user experience :)!
@philippsteuer @thekitze Exactly - this is the future that advertisers will have to follow to keep things sustainable. Of course there'll always be people who say subliminal advertising is worse but people would much rather have that than intrusive pop ups!
Hi Product Hunters, My name is Philipp Steuer and I am one of the co-founders of VIRE. We want to protect the upcoming Virtual and Augmented Worlds from horrible advertising. With VIRE you can monetize, advertise and track every Virtual and Augmented Reality content in an easy and user-friendly way. If you are a publisher, you can define placeholders inside your game, app or 360 degree video with our plugins for Unreal and Unity. When a user loads the game, these placeholders are replaced by branded products. As a company or advertiser you can fill in these placeholders with any objects of your choice. VIRE tracks views and interactions with the objects for you. Status quo: We launched our marketplace ( where you can easily integrate some first objects and get paid for every view. In addition to that we support everyone with a free performance friendly tracking (FOV views, normal views, interactions) for free! Because we are a young company I wanted to take the chance to collect your feedback :) Feel free to ask any question, I will answer them below. Thanks a lot for time! Best from Cologne, Germany Philipp
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@philippsteuer I find this really interesting. It makes me want to produce some viral VR content to see how well this sort of thing works. Product placement is making a comeback and this is a great way to tap into a quickly growing market Edit: Follow-up question: do Steam/Oculus store have any policies preventing you from putting paid promotion in the games/experiences you list on their stores?
@rossdcurrie Hi Ross :) You are welcome, let me know when your viral content is ready. Would love to support you! Nope, there aren't any restrictions in the steam / oculus store. We build easy to use plugins for the most used game engines and you just need to install it and drag placeholders into your game / scene. Afterwards you connect it with the platform. Thats it and in the end there's no difference between "our" branded objects and a normal 3D object :)!
Yas, kweens. Something I imagine @Scobleizer is already using/stoked on over at @uploadvr - Nice work, @vire @philippsteuer @webermaximilian
@elizabethhunker @scobleizer @uploadvr Thank Elizabeth! If you want see more / want a demo, just let me know :)!
Future! :)
@paul_shuteyev The present was to boring ;)!
Really like your solution. A lot of opportunities how this can develop in the future ! Great job!
@borisunited Thx a lot Boris :)!