Viral Leaderboard Contests by VYPER

Explode your audience with viral gamification

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Jack Paxton
@jackhenrypaxton · Digital Marketing - Media Buyer
Hey Hunters, First of all. Thanks Eric for being a legend and hunting us today, super grateful. After running 100s of contests at VYPER, we noticed something. The more interaction a person had with the contest, the more likely they were to share it with their friends and refer you more emails. Based on this principle, we designed the viral leaderboard co… See more
Edward Tay
@iamedwardtay · Healthcare enthusiast, Digital marketer
used this to get 731 email leads in 5 days 💪👍😊
@stevenlaff · Principal
This looks very promising, especially with the ability to customize the questions you want to collect data from entrants.
Chris Schwartze
@chrisschwartze · Marketing Manager, Heroic Academy
Love VYPER. The new features for custom fields are amazing and gives interesting insight into your audience. ❤️
Connor Black
@connorblack_ · Founder, Mattermark Studios
Love it!