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Hey Hunters, First of all. Thanks Eric for being a legend and hunting us today, super grateful. After running 100s of contests at VYPER, we noticed something. The more interaction a person had with the contest, the more likely they were to share it with their friends and refer you more emails. Based on this principle, we designed the viral leaderboard contest. The idea is this. Create small “wins” for the contestant, like getting 25 points for following you on Twitter. Once they’ve done this action, they see their rank on the leaderboard go up, then the user is much more likely to continue accumulating points to reach the top of the leaderboard. Running contests and giveaways are an awesome way to generate emails and social followers, the viral leaderboard takes it to another level. Even subtle gamifications, like the animation of the ranking point helps to move the contestant to take more actions in your contest. Also creating multiple reward options keeps people motivated. Every part of the leaderboard was carefully crafted — for example, the comment box is actually one of the biggest drivers of engagement and gives each users entry some personality. They are more than just a number! Use the leaderboard to not only blow up your email list, but use it to increase your social following, grow your revenue, and get your audience to perform custom actions (like commenting on a Facebook post or watch a video).
Here are some demos of all our tools including the newly released Leaderboards! Leaderboard (NEW) -
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@jackhenrypaxton Hey myself w/ Gary Beck purchased this w/ 2 hours left to go before the end of the 24 hours (it was posted up @ 4am pst) and the 50% code didnt work for us. We purchased the enterprise (at 2am pst, i.e., just now) hoping the discount would kick in and it didnt. Could someone email gary @ gbeck@beckcomputers.com please? Many thanks
@brucekraftjr @jackhenrypaxton @beckcomputers we got this sorted, let me know if there was anything else you needed help with.
@who_needs_maps @jackhenrypaxton thank you so much for taking care of us at @Beckcomputers . We cant wait to get some viral growth contests going!
used this to get 731 email leads in 5 days 💪👍😊
This looks very promising, especially with the ability to customize the questions you want to collect data from entrants.
@stevenlaff Yeah, that is our newest feature and people are liking it so far. Foundr used it during their contest and killed it. Here is an example video if you are interested - https://www.facebook.com/jack.he...
Love VYPER. The new features for custom fields are amazing and gives interesting insight into your audience. ❤️