Viral Growth Calculator

Calculate whether your referral loop will go viral

The Viral Growth Calculator helps you estimate the effect of a viral loop.

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Excited to share this tool here on PH :) Hope it helps! Over the last few years, I've seen a TON of viral loops. Some blew up... others, totally bombed, haha :) After explaining the concept of the viral coefficient to a tonne of people... we decided to put it in a simple tool so people could SEE it :) Hope this helps! Let me know if you got any questions :)
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@emarky good luck my friend! :)
Love so simple, but useful products. Great job! (And your main product looks very interesting)
Amazing Tool, Wilco! Thanks so much for sharing!
@adigold1 No problem Adi, glad you like it! :)
Another very cool tool to have in your arsenal. Thank you