Viral Growth Calculator

Calculate whether your referral loop will go viral

The Viral Growth Calculator helps you estimate the effect of a viral loop.

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Excited to share this tool here on PH :) Hope it helps! Over the last few years, I've seen a TON of viral loops. Some blew up... others, totally bombed, haha :) After explaining the concept of the viral coefficient to a tonne of people... we decided to put it in a simple tool so people could SEE it :) Hope this helps! Let me know if you got any questions :)
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@emarky good luck my friend! :)
Love so simple, but useful products. Great job! (And your main product looks very interesting)
Amazing Tool, Wilco! Thanks so much for sharing!
@adigold1 No problem Adi, glad you like it! :)
Nice! It may not be something I will use for my product now, but for testing it as it is free, totally makes sense. Btw, we are on the way to integrate UpViral and test how it plays for our product. Keep up a good work!
@julia_holovko Thanks Julia!! Appreciate that :) Let's rock!