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Gotta give some love to my fellow YC S11 batch mates. I've used their marketplace to find editors for personal projects (stitch together video clips from a trip) and work projects (edit down this 20 min speech into 5 mins) and they're awesome.
Thanks for the upvotes everyone! and thanks @jasonshen for launching us here Video is one of the best things on the internet, and yet making engaging videos is challenging for most, in particular for businesses. We aim to make video production easier, and for that we built a community of 1500+ video professionals and the tools to brainstorm, hire, and collaborate with them online. It's a great era for video, and if you are thinking about making one, just ping us and let's chat! we love to help! Or you can just post a project and brainstorm with creators in no time: 10% off : We'll hang around here for a bit if you have any questions... about video, startup, or else!
yep, great service as well!