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The best alternatives to Videopixie are TapeReal.com, Namejax, and ReleaseFox.
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Best alternatives to Videopixie
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  • TapeReal.com is the quickest and easiest way to record and publish audio/video content to the web, whether it's a podcast, vlog, audio blog, song, DJ set, and more! On TapeReal, you can record and only engage t...

  • 🚀 Curated, pre-registered, hand selectedcom domain name and social media bundles for your next product launch 😢 Found the perfect domain name but the Twitter handle is already taken? Get all the accounts for ...

  • ReleaseFox is a modern solution to the boring model release. Made for photographers (and videographers), by photographers. A user can create, edit and then store all their model releases on their phone, which i...