Videobolt 2.0

Professional design for your videos, no software required!

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This is so great. Although I kind of wish there was a membership offer instead of everything a la carte. Any plans for that?
@kristofertm Thanks! We have subscription plans available at
@ugljesa_stojanovic Is the pricing on that page right? It says "All available projects under $50.00" in the $200/m plan, but the $99/m gets "All available projects"?
@mhj The 99$ plan covers 10 renders of projects priced 25$ and under. The "all projects available" field in the first column refers to the a la carte plan.
@ugljesa_stojanovic Ok. I swear you just updated the text in the $99 pricing column. :) I considered sharing a screenshot on PH but didn't take one in the end, so I have no proof though.
@mhj mindgames :)
Very nice product.
Hey Product Hunters! Videobolt co-founder and product manager here. We're a small team from Belgrade, Serbia with years of experience in video production both on and off line, ranging from freelancing on stock video marketplaces to film studios. It takes a whole lot of work just to create content for a video, let alone effects, titles, and other screen elements, so you buy it stock to help out. Finding good stock and assets is some work and when you do, unless you own several hundred dollars worth of software, and have the skills to use it, you're going to pay up even more to make slight alterations to the item you're buying. This is where Videobolt comes in. A curated effects and stock footage marketplace where you can customize the videos you're buying without software or previous knowledge. Browse video effects and assets, customize and then buy as video files which you can use or display immediately. It's that simple. We support both mobile and desktop devices, but at the moment the user experience is much better on the desktop. Videobolt opened to the public just a few weeks ago, and we now have half a dozen of talented individuals hosting their projects on the marketplace. Apart from growing our offer, one of the bigger concerns is getting the word out there and improving the experience of the site. On the technical side, we are working on support for audio-visualization generators, user-made setting presets and much more. It's great being here on Product Hunt. There's a special 20% off promo for Product Hunters, just type in 'PHPROMO20' during checkout. If you need help with code redemption look here The whole team and I are here for all your thoughts, questions and suggestions. Let us know what you think, hunters!
We just created our first explainer video and this would have been crazy helpful. Bookmarking this for our next video. Looks super slick.
@tuckerckline We are glad you like it! We will be adding explainer category, so keep your eyes open ;)
Thanks @kristofertm! We do have subscription plans available at