VIDEOASK by Typeform

A ridiculously simple way to get feedback


VIDEOASK is an experimental native iOS video app that allowing effortless creation of simple video/voice forms + distribution via a public link in order to collect video/audio responses & ensuing text transcriptions.

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I use it to meet with my friends and schedule dinners with too many people to do it with whatsapp or similar apps, this one makes really clear who's up for some fun and in the process plenty of jokes and laugh happen because of the video feature.

Love it!!!


Agile and fun!!!


haven't found any cons yet as the app delivers what it promises which is super important.

Growth Hacking Manager @Prestashop

I tried to test something different for getting user feedback for our next launches. I can see the market moving more towards voice and video rather than typying... Who has that time anyways?!


Really easy to use on both ends. It makes a tedious process like feedback, funner and quicker to get. I can see myself using this product!


the transcription process something takes a while, but its an awesome feature anyways!

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I'm organizing a Christmas party and I'm asking my friends about the theme of the costumes. So far I received 80% of responses and very fun videos.


Easy to use and lots of fun videos responses


I haven't found anything to be improved yet


It could be a great way to get more feedback from users/customers.


Easy to use


Phone's cameras don't make you prettier (they actually tend to distort you)

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LOVE VIDEOASK. Brilliant and simple. I’ve been using to collect video testimonials and to have more personal, asynchronous conversations with my coaching clients.