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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 24, 2019
A bunch of professionally designed video templates designed Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more!
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Hello Product hunt! So today is the day we launch video templates! We have been working hard months to get this feature live and are so pleased it is finally here. Today I will be in the comments all day creating new templates upon your request. Just drop me a link to the style you are looking for and I will be my best to add it to our site a few hours later. And as always, your feedback is welcome, you can reach me here or my email is
@veed @sab8a Hey, Tim here (tech co-founder). Super excited as well to release templates today. Just wanted to add that we are a very early stage fast moving startup. So you see any issues drop us a message and we can fix it quickly for you (
Super intuitive product and very helpful / supportive team. Even their content is super useful! 10/10 for simple edits and these templates give me "Canva for video" vibes. NICE!
Lookin' good guys! Templates are great. Did find a couple of responsiveness issues with the site (on Safari 13.0) at least. Also, there's a couple of language mistakes on the site. Feel free to reach out if you need any help with that :)
@alexanderspoor Thanks Alexander :) Yeah we move fast, break fast. At the moment google chrome is our primary platform, but we are quickly transitioning into stability maintenance, so hopefully all those cross-browser issues / responsiveness will be fixed in the coming weeks
Love the design and structure of the product. Are you thinking of releasing a mobile app? If you market the app as a Video Editing tool for Instagram Stories, I definitely think you’ll gain a huge audience base (especially among the creative community).
@khristianvinca Thanks Khristian! Yeah for sure, mobile app is coming really soon. And thanks for the tip, that's really neat.
Great product. I make some try and it's so easy. Well done.