The Live Chat that will let you Video Call your website guests frictionless.
πŸ‘‰Provide Real-time Video Chat Support: Increase revenues by creating personal relationships with guests via face-to-face conversations.
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I couldn’t sleep tonight. 😎 I was so excited to launch today on product hunt this product. During the COVID-19 crisis, one of our Customers asked for a video live chat to offer to their website visitors a quick look at their physical in-store products. We decided to deliver a frictionless video live chat product to let business video call instantly their customers where they are: on their website. Today we are launching Customerly Real-time. πŸš€ A brand new technology that works across all web and mobile platforms that will let websites owners bring personal relationships to a new level. Thanks to all the Customerly crew to create these amazing products: @giannign1 πŸ™ @daniele_ratti πŸ™ @matteo_martinelli1 πŸ™ @mbeatrice πŸ™ @pmusolino πŸ™ Thanks to all our 14.000 Businesses that support us every day πŸ™ Thanks to the Product Hunt community πŸ™ Only for today, the Customerly Pro plan is at $49 per 3 months with βœ… Customerly Visual Funnel Builder βœ… Customerly Help Center βœ… Customerly Campaigns You will find the offer once you've tried the Video Live Chat feature 3 times :)
Customerly Visual Funnel Builder
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@luca_micheli Nice idea guys, but as for me there is not enough explanations with examples. How can I use it? Customer comes to my site and then what? I am calling him immediately? Or User can call me and I will share the screen to provide him a tutorial or description? I think some screenshots about it can help to clarify the situation, but once again! Congratulations and upvote, you trully deserved it!
@ilya_koshelev1 Hi Ilya, basically when someone contacts you through the live chat, you will have on your dashboard a red button to click. That's it. From there, you have a meeting session with him/her and you can share the screen and so on. Thank you for your upvote!
@luca_micheli Thanks man for explanation
a very useful and effective functiona very useful and effective function
@valerio_giajvia1 Thanks for you kind words 😊
This makes easier than ever to interact with website visitors :) Great product πŸ‘
@elena_angelucci I know right? looking forward to see our customers using it on daily bases :)
We use Customerly live chat since months and we find it the best customer service tool I've ever tried before. This Video chat adds a top notch skill to it.
@vittoria_micheli we are glad you like it :)