We believe hiring should be about merit, not bias or background. So we let every candidate showcase their skills through Talent Trials. These can be sourced from our expert library, customized or tailor-made. Our AI then predicts the scores for each candidate based on their answers and behavior in completing the Talent Trial.

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Omer Molad
Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe
Hey everyone. Very excited to launch our AI-powered skill testing feature. Now it's truly possible to give EVERY candidate a chance to showcase their talent. AI then helps companies rank candidates purely based on how they perform - nothing else. This is something we've been working on for a long time and early feedback on the level of accuracy is sensational. Let us know what you think.
Daniel BenorHead of Product @Vervoe
I ate my own dog food with Vervoe. And it was yummy! I recently hired our new and amazing product designer, Kate, using a bespoke Vervoe Talent Trial. I tested scores of candidates for Sketch skills, UI, layout, color theory and interaction design. The amazing part was the AI was able to predict scores with amazing accuracy, so I could focus on top talent first and really let everyone prove their skills, rather than lean on portfolios that don't mean much. Take it for a spin, there’s a 14 days of free access!
Aaron CohnPartner, Quiet Ventures
What types of roles has the AI functionality been working best for?
Jen ShellefCustomer Success Manager, Vervoe
@aaron_cohn Hey Aaron! The feature ranks candidates based on how they perform the tasks on the platform and works great with any role. Whether you use a Talent Trial in our library or if you create one yourself, the accuracy level begins at 83%. The AI is continuously learning and takes into account the grading preferences of an employer, so the level of accuracy increases as employers grade more candidates.
Lauren ProctorDigital Analyst, Bedrocket Media Ventu…
Congrats on your launch, @omermolad and @daniel_benor . I love your marketing. One of the best startup promo videos I've seen in quite some time.