Use simulations to hire the right people in 4 days, not 40

Vervoe is your online hiring assistant. Vervoe replaces face-to-face interviews with automated interviews and online simulations.

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Thanks for hunting us @trevorhatfield Hi everyone. We’re really excited to finally be on Product Hunt. David and I created Vervoe to make merit-based hiring faster. We believe performance of on-the-job tasks, not résumés, predicts job performance and engagement. Traditional recruitment is about keeping people out - screening them - based on their background, because there isn’t enough time to interview everyone in person. Vervoe’s inbound hiring approach is based on letting people in and giving them a chance. Don’t be fooled by fancy résumés, but don’t miss out on hidden gems either. Using automated interviews, you can skip screening and see candidates perform relevant tasks. Everything happens automatically and in parallel. Automated interviews are one-way, online interviews that candidates complete within four days. You can easily create an interview script using our simple script builder, or select one from our library. As our library grows, we aim to give employers access to the best assessment content from the world’s leading experts. Start a 14-day free trial - no credit card required. We’re here to answer all your questions. Thanks so much for your support.
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Vervoe is a game changer when it comes to finding the needle (talent) in a haystack. Having worked in a number of large organisations it is difficult to find people with the right skills (and validating those skills). It can be very time consuming and often the validation of those skills like financial analysis and modeling happens too late (sometimes after you have already hired the wrong person). The countless hours "wasted" with multiple interviews, expensive recruitment fees etc especially if you hired the wrong person. Now it is possible to validate someone's claim on their resume that they have advanced modeling skills, or any modeling skills by using automated interviews and accelerated filtering. As the finance function in all companies evolve (partly due to disruption and removal of low value operational work and transitioning to higher value insight and decision making) finding the right accounting staff who have this scarce skill is made significantly easier with Vervoe. Disclaimer: I write interview scripts for companies to access and assess potential candidates, so that they don't waste their time and money hiring the wrong employee.
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@lance_rubin Thanks so much for the kind feedback Lance. You hit the nail on the head. 🙏
@lance_rubin that's a really awesome consulting service, thanks for sharing Lance :)
@ddtrejo Thanks David, with Vervoe being a platform (like many others we know well) the power of a connected ecosystem is not just the hiring manager and the employee. There is room for highly regarded experts in their field to contribute content and assist companies hire the best people. It also assists those who lose out on opportunities to realise clearly why they didn't get the role. How many people today never find out why they weren't hired....insert training and development platform alongside Vervoe and you suddenly see a much larger opportunity and relationship for society than just hiring. Omer and David W have really help solve a long standing issue for employment/unemployment.
Not a potential user of the product in the short term, but I've got to say I love the clear promise on the landing page: "It only takes 4 days to hire great people with automated interviews." Clear and to the point, you got my attention.
@gflandre Thanks Guillaume, that's really helpful feedback actually. We're trying to address one of the biggest issues we see in hiring - speed. Nobody likes to waste time on unnecessary, manual tasks. So we're using technology to remove them so hiring managers can spend time more wisely.
@gflandre what would help is some social proof - as in, show me companies and testimonials on the home page backing up the 4 day claim
@passingnotes @gflandre Hi David, we just launched today. We already have customers using our service, but hopefully very soon we will have some public testimonials. We offer a free 14 day trial with no credit card required. That should be plenty of time to make a hire and try for yourself.
The Vervoe team is beyond passionate about their product, you're in good hands if you work with them. ❤️️
@nikkielizdemere so nice of you to say that Nichole. Appreciate the vote of confidence 🙏
Being able to hire better contractors and remote workers for my business is a big deal. Vervoe makes it simple and more effective. Highly recommend checking it out if you are looking to hire, it will save you tons of time and money, and better yet allow you to hire the best person for the job.