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Lot of hate going on for these guys right now. They used a lifetime AppSumo offer to spike revenue and users, and then as soon as the refund period ended they sent out the notice about being acquired by DropBox and said they were shuttering the service in just a couple weeks. No refunds are being provided to the AppSumo buyers and all inquiries are being told to basically chase AppSumo for their dough. There is no way these guys didn't know they were shopping their company around and used these new members to make their company's bottom line look more attractive. Very disappointed a company would treat users this way and makes me reconsider any use of DropBox as well. On the bright side, AppSumo has stepped up and at least offered credits as refund on this deal. It's not the cash invested in the deal, but it is certainly better than being ignored disregarded. I'd never work with these guys or buy one of their products or services in the future.


None. (Had unrealized potential though.)


"Con" is definitely the right word...

One thing I hate in all of these is the tone of the email. It was crafted to be a good news since they were ‘acquired’ by Dropbox. Then again, when you finished reading, nothing is to be gained by the customer because they are totally shutting down the services and you only have 20 days to migrate your website. When you re-read the whole email, it sounded like they’re gloating about their bright future, only that the customers will have to contend taking out their stuff by 21 December based on a notice given last 1 December. Olman from Appsumo has been very gracious about this, and tne Appsumomfamily really did step up.
Yes same happened to me, How is this even possible with no refunds for the original appsumo backers!!??

I absolutely love Verst! My cons are really just features that haven't been fully fleshed out yet, but I know they're working on an Android app and that they will expand upon the Members area creation a bit further down the road. Absolutely loving my experience with Verst so far and it really makes me happy.



-Amazing customer service

-Quick responses to suggestions

-Complete product and straight up fun to use!


-Android editor support isn't ready yet

-Subscription and Members area could be a bit more user-editable.