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Create your own media brand and sell subscriptions.

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Hey PH'ers! It's Verst again. We're back with our version 2, including two major new features and a whole myriad of smaller updates. Here's what's new: PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS: Now anyone can replicate the successful model employed by Stratechery and The Information (and The New York Times) by adding a paid subscription channel to their site. You can choose what it's called and the monthly/annual fee and decide which pieces of content you want behind the paywall. Just shoot us a note at and we'll get you set up! See it in action: HOMEPAGE BUILDER: When you last saw us, Verst sites looked like blogs, with the most recent content at the top. We've now implemented an incredibly simple builder tool that lets you create gorgeous homepages for your Verst sites. Other updates: -iPad app -Sendgrid/MailChimp email integration -Buy a domain through Google Domains -Expandable navigation -Static pages As always, Product Hunt users can take 20% off their purchase with code: "hunt" Thanks guys! AMA! Garett
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@garettpress I think replicating the success of Stratchery and the NYT also requires talent, commitment, and regularity, not just a paid subscription. πŸ˜‹
@chrismessina Hahah - well said. I'll tweak the wording a bit. Moreso replicate the monetization mechanism that they employ. Verst 3.0 will have an AI-based talent replicator. Stay tuned! :)
Content marketing is super crucial for businesses like ours. Verst was so easy to set up and looks great. Homepage builder really helps our content shine and is flexible enough to become a main landing page. We're excited to publish more and get some SEO points ✨ Check out the Canny blog at we think it looks pretty slick πŸ˜‰
Verst is amazing. Definitely the best platform for publishing. The new built-in subscription models makes it even better. Congrats guys!
@a_polsley Thanks so much Alec! Glad to have you on board -- your feedback is essential.
@garretpress this is great. does it hook into the other CRM/Analytics systems content creators use? Or are these sorts of creators not professional enough yet to need that stuff?
@garretpress @davidpessah did you have anything specific in mind? we support dropping in both google analytics and facebook pixels.