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Hi Hunters! I'm the marketing guy at Verst. We are all extremely pumped to get this baby out in the world and start hearing your feedback and ideas! Check out Reid Hoffman's site as an output example ( Yes, we are another platform for building websites and blogs, but Verst is not another WordPress or Squarespace clone. We are aiming at a new market, the gap that exists between those beginner website tools and enterprise-grade business solutions like Optimizely and HubSpot. We call them "professional publishers," the types that create valuable content as a means to achieve tangible business results. So, Verst is focused on integrating (*buzzword alert*) machine learning tech that allows publishers to run a data-driven content business. We are starting with built-in A/B testing, insights notifications that distill your data into actionable alerts, easy calls-to-action as a native feature, and turnkey subscriptions (coming soon). We've also built a modular design system so publishers won't have to shell out for custom templates & eventual redesigns. And lastly, we're truly mobile focused in that our Verst Mobile app matches our full desktop publishing experience (you can A/B test right from your phone), and all Verst designs are engineered to look great across all screen sizes. We hope this platform takes much of the pain out of the current publishing experience, greatly reduces the volume & friction of tools & plug-ins required to succeed, and allows great creators to drive more signups, subscribers, purchases, etc. -- at a very "non-enterprise" price ($29). While anyone can try Verst free for 30 days, we are happy to offer Product Hunters an exclusive discount of 20% off your entire first year, using the coupon code: hunt Please AMA or reach out with any feedback or questions!
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@garettpress This was so simple and easy to use. Nice work - will see if the data driven bells and whistles are a game changer! Some feedback: - When publishing, selecting a category - there was no help there, so didn't really know what to choose, am I adding to a public category? Is it a personal category only? Some suggestions/examples would be helpful. - Its taking a very long time to publish - looks as if its stuck on "Publishing..." for like 15 mins now, refreshed and re-did my post to publish, same issue. Its an article around 9 mins long. So I went to admin panel, deleted the draft and then tried to create a new one - but 'Publish" was grey so could not do it, clicked close (assuming auto-save) but it wasn't :( EDIT: Its semi-published after several attempts. Only happened through the admin panel, not when I was editing. However my image didnt get included. Tried adding that and re-publishing and now back to having the same issue as before. 😔 Obviously some bugs related to the image uploading (its only 335kb) but this is what happens :)
@bentossell @garettpress Hi Ben, Thank you so much for the feedback! Re: your first bullet, category is meant as both an organizational filter (like a tag) and as a way to organize your menu (and does appear publicly). We are working right now on (a) allowing you to organize this in a more granular way (b) a way to allow sub menus (so multiple levels for the nav) and (c) add multiple tags / categories. (a) and (b) should be out in the next 1-2 weeks and (c) not to much further after that. That being said, I'll write up a modal to add there so it's clear what the intention is for now. Re: your second bullet - we were affected by the AWS outage, unfortunately, so it appears the issue is due to that. Try reloading and clearing your cache and, in the meantime, I'll have my team investigate to make sure there's nothing strange on our end. If you have a minute / it happens again, if you could send us a screenshot of your console and a link your site to so we can see the specific error your getting, that would be super helpful.
@uvajfrank @garettpress Gotcha! No problem, thought it was just a bug, we had issues ourselves.. my console Hmm I would link you to my site as it was but for some reason when I edit site settings, it has removed my slug and wont let me put bentossell
@bentossell @garettpress perfect, thank you - i'll investigate today though i am fairly sure it's S3 since that's where we store images (and posts generally) :)
@uvajfrank @garettpress okay cool Again re the domain, I changed it to and save worked - although going to url doesnt

Lot of hate going on for these guys right now. They used a lifetime AppSumo offer to spike revenue and users, and then as soon as the refund period ended they sent out the notice about being acquired by DropBox and said they were shuttering the service in just a couple weeks. No refunds are being provided to the AppSumo buyers and all inquiries are being told to basically chase AppSumo for their dough. There is no way these guys didn't know they were shopping their company around and used these new members to make their company's bottom line look more attractive. Very disappointed a company would treat users this way and makes me reconsider any use of DropBox as well. On the bright side, AppSumo has stepped up and at least offered credits as refund on this deal. It's not the cash invested in the deal, but it is certainly better than being ignored disregarded. I'd never work with these guys or buy one of their products or services in the future.


None. (Had unrealized potential though.)


"Con" is definitely the right word...

One thing I hate in all of these is the tone of the email. It was crafted to be a good news since they were ‘acquired’ by Dropbox. Then again, when you finished reading, nothing is to be gained by the customer because they are totally shutting down the services and you only have 20 days to migrate your website. When you re-read the whole email, it sounded like they’re gloating about their bright future, only that the customers will have to contend taking out their stuff by 21 December based on a notice given last 1 December. Olman from Appsumo has been very gracious about this, and tne Appsumomfamily really did step up.
Yes same happened to me, How is this even possible with no refunds for the original appsumo backers!!??
So much nice thinking here to help writers create better content. For someone who writes on Medium these days, I wish I had the data-driven tools as well. @jasonfried should be adding this to his wish list!
@kunalslab @jasonfried Wow - your words mean a lot to us Kunal! We've spent a lot of time huddled in tiny conference rooms and talking to publishers trying to absolve them of their pain points. Glad that's coming through!
Reid Hoffman's new blog ( is entirely powered by Verst.
@nivo0o0 yes! as are Chris Klemens' ( and John Lilly's (
I'm setting up an account now! If I like it and can get it to run all of the bells, whistles, and functions that I need I might just move my entire media company over! It looks beautiful so far, and has so many more tools than what I'm currently offered!
@tristanisham Oh dayum! Incredibly kind feedback, thanks Tristan! Email me at and our team can help get you set up!
@garettpress @vers thanks man! I've just sent the email!