Vero is a relationship-first social network.

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I'd put this right up there with Vurb as one of my favorite new apps in the social media category. Such a rich product, awesome integrations, visually rewarding, and stupid simple to use. I would probably spend 10x more time "feeding" if my contacts were on Vero. User acquisition is going to be battle, as is always for this space, but fingers crossed this can unseat a dinosaur or two. A few suggestions for the makers: - FB/Twitter contact search - Edit privacy levels of posts after publishing - Find a way to tag your brand in shares to FB/Twitter
@savvy_suarez Hey Jesse!  Thanks for the super kind words.  The team has definitely put a lot of heart into this and appreciate your support!  Regarding your suggestions, we’re figuring out how we want to play with Twitter and FB and are going to approach this as thoughtfully as we can. Regarding editing privacy after post, that is coming soon - again thanks very much!
@scottbirnbaum Interested to know why we need this? Whats the use case (over FB)?
@rocketclubco thanks for taking an interest in Vero.  We see the world a little differently than most other social networks.  In our view, in order to bring social networking back to the Real, we think you need to be able to segment your relationships into Close Friends, Friends, and Acquaintances so that you can share more genuinely with people you care about.  We also don't think that users should be the product being served to advertisers.  In Vero, there will not be any Ads and your data will never be sold to publishers or brands that want to target you.  Lastly, Collections is a big feature for us where we allow you to retain a useful history of the things you've shared or wanted to remember for yourself with recommendations built in.  This solves the problem we've felt of interesting content being shared and then disappearing into the abyss of the social feed.
@tbarbe those are the same segments that Facebook offers. Google went further with circles. Do you have evidence to suggest people will actually adopt that kind of selective sharing? It sounds good in theory but I've found that it's very hard to convince people to actually think that hard when sharing.
@chrismessina @rocketclubco Hey our research and experience of Google circles was that because the feature wasn't bounded it made the set up process too open and created too much friction. Google+ became more about administering groups than about interacting with people. But to your question about evidence, we think people are already dealing with close friends, friends and acquaintances but they're just segmenting those audiences into different platforms (Path, Facebook, Twitter for example). Obviously as with any startup we have a thesis and now it's time to take it to market and see if the market agrees. We hope that between the logic of the app in organizing contacts, the design, and collections and chat, we've built enough to make people want to give it a real shot.
Isn't there already a product called Vero?
@stinhambo Email marketing product, yep.
best social media platform out there! highly recommend it!
it is an awesome product highly recommend it.