Venture Stories

A new podcast taking you inside the world of venture capital

#4 Product of the DayDecember 19, 2017

Venture Stories is the spiritual successor to, Maker Stories, the Product Hunt podcast hosted by Erik Torenberg and Ryan Hoover, but with a twist: Maker Stories was one-on-one interviews with people about their careers and lives; Venture Stories is more about going deep into areas of expertise—either functional or sector specific.

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Thank you Erik for hunting! Super excited to launch Venture Stories. Podcasting has long been a passion and am excited, after almost a two year break, to get back into the game! First episodes include: Ryan Hoover and David Spinks on community Balaji S. Srinivasan on the future of Digital Currencies Malay Gandhi & Christine Lemke on the State of Healthcare Aston Motes, Parker Thompson and Edward Aten on the future of the music industry Upcoming Guests include: Dylan Morris and Andrew McClary on the State of Biotech Rebecca Kaden on building consumer brands Balaji S. Srinivasan + Jared Seehafer on the state of FDA Aaron Batalion, Vinny Lingham, and David King on the future of ICOs @Laurademing on longetivity Greg Isenberg + Michael S Galpert + Donnie Dinch on consumer Sara Mauskopf and Anne K. Halsall Open to suggestions for guests/topics. We are also excited for the exclusive we did with Breaker last week. Everyone check out Breaker app -- it's what PH podcasts would have been if it had been a separate app. :-)
@laurademing @eriktorenberg Erik hunted Erik's Podcast. :D
This is my favorite new podcast! Nice work @eriktorenberg 👏 As mentioned over iMessage technology, I love how natural the episodes feel, like a casual conversation, but very intelligent and interesting. My favorite episode so far is with @balajis. The question you asked him about what does the equivalent of Peter Thiel's world of technological progress with radical life extension and floating cities look like in terms of blockchain technology is 🔑🔑🔑 The episode with @rrhoover and @DavidSpinks on communities is also 💯
Thanks for making this! Pumped to check it out