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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 11, 2017
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Hello ProductHunt πŸ‘‹ New Year, new side project! Venture Reads is a way to find the best resources (curated by me), such as articles, newsletters, useful side projects, podcasts, and videos from Venture Capitalists, VC Firms, and Angels. This project was mostly inspired by my own interest in perspectives from VCs about tech and startups, but also realizing that these articles and publications could be super useful to founders and makers in general with all the info on growing companies, trends in different industries, etc. Thanks for checking it out! Got feedback? Tweet me at @nikvimal.
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Too. Much. Too read. Must. Read. All.
@arielassaraf I know πŸ”₯
@arielassaraf You have no idea how much of a Newsletter Flirt I am... Unroll.Me is the only one that knows... πŸ™ƒ
Venture Reads, this repository of assets from VCs and VC firms, reduces the noise and creates a central location to locate newsletters, podcasts, and more! :D
Oh look ANOTHER place I can get more newsletters at... My Instapaper is already jam full... the madness must stop.
@as_austin More might be posted, so get your email ready ;)
Nice collection. How are articles/resources chosen, @techvoltz?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! The articles and resources were chosen based on how useful the content is in general and offers a unique perspective, for the articles at least, I really looked at how it can be useful for the maximum amount of people, be it founders or just people looking to see a VC perspective and learn. For the other resources, It was similar with just looking at the most active, and useful in general in terms of quantity and quality of content by doing some listening and looking for topics that go deeper in depth or offer something unique beyond other startup resources (so the articles had this in mind as well).
@nikvimal @rrhoover Love the process. Just to follow up on this, how are you sourcing all content to ensure you might not be missing out on some quality material?
@michaelcjoseph Great question, it's following and keeping tabs on some popular publications plus the new ones I've discovered. Mostly the content was/is being sourced from investing the time to search and explore blogs, Youtube Channels, and Medium. So far with this launch, I've already gotten some amazing recommendations for quality content, which is a big help as well with all the searching.