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Nikhil V. — Founder of *a lot of cool things*
Hello ProductHunt 👋

New Year, new side project! Venture Reads is a way to find the best resources (curated by me), such as articles, newsletters, useful side projects, podcasts, and videos from Venture Capitalists, VC Firms, and Angels.

This project was mostly inspired by my own interest in perspectives from VCs about tech and startups, but also realizing that these articles and publications could be super useful to founders and makers in general with all the info on growing companies, trends in different industries, etc.

Thanks for checking it out! Got feedback? Tweet me at @nikvimal.
Ariel Assaraf — Co-founder & CPO - Coralogix
Too. Much. Too read. Must. Read. All.
Nikhil V. — Founder of *a lot of cool things*
@arielassaraf I know 🔥
Austin Sandmeyer — Thinker/Student/Rockstar
@arielassaraf You have no idea how much of a Newsletter Flirt I am... Unroll.Me is the only one that knows... 🙃
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