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Did it have to be pink?
@cenk I wouldn't say it was a strict requirement, and we aren't color experts, but we thought a bolder pink looked good and built from there. Any suggestions?
@cenk we were originally going for closer to red a la Women 2.0 but the CTA for signup did end up a bit more stereotypically pink than originally planned ~_~
Whats up Product Hunters! Super proud to be working on this with my friend Leslie (@1wu). Last week, we shared Venture News as a place to keep up with the daily VC buzz on Twitter. As we began using it, Leslie realized that it not only reflected the daily VC news, but also accurately reflected other social dynamics that we see in the tech ecosystem. I'll defer to Leslie's recent Medium piece for the rest of this story: Who’s news? Venture News, VCs and Entrepreneurial #WomenInTech. #WomenInTech follows influential women in tech on Twitter and displays the most-frequently shared links. It is an experiment in creating a tech news site that reflects the women of the tech community. We've seeded the site with a small number of women (mostly in the VC community), and will be spending the day adding more awesome women as contributors from all over the tech eco-system. If you have recommendations for your favorite women-in-tech on Twitter, please help us out and let us know in the comments!