VEED FIlter Video Online

Add filters and LUT's to videos online

We give you the power of professional colour graders in a simple online video editor.
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Hi Yall, Sabba here Today we are launching our video filter tool. Adding filter to your video is a really easy way to make a video look better with little effort. We use professional colour grading techniques and apply LUT's to video. This is commonly used by video editors but we do it via our simple online video editor. And today we are trying something a little different, for the next 10 hours, we are taking and implementing your feedback live. If you have an idea of how we can make our filter tools better, we will work on implementing it right away! THANKS! Sabba
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what more is there to say!


Super simple way of adding a filter to video


None i can think of

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nice one! will check this out
Hi @paulcomba thank you! Let me know what you think.
This is wild! Shocked it didn't rank higher today. Excellent job!
Thank you @hannahkonnn Hope you enjoy it