Vectornator Pro For Mac

Vector graphic design software for macOS Catalina

#1 Product of the DayNovember 29, 2019
Vectornator is an all in one graphic design tool and with Vectornator Pro, we're making a big and exciting leap to bring our popular iPad software on macOS: a platform that is widely used and loved by designers from all around the world.
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I think creating a Mac version is a bold move - it has to be powerful and match the other graphic design apps on the market (we all know which ones I'm talking about) - so I really hope they've managed to get to the point where it's actually a nice, stable software that still packs a punch. I wish them the best and my congratulation on the launch.
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@william_curtis Thanks for the kind words William! Let us know about your experience with Vectornator Pro. We hope you like it.
Looks promising! Go ahead
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I got into Vectornator when they released the X version, so not too long ago. It has become my favorite app mainly due to how fun it is to actually use. I love the UI - sleek, well designed, so the fact they're expanding to Mac is a big deal and I'm looking forward to checking it out. Congrats, Vectornator!
@hubert_alexander I really like Vectornator X. I don't say this about too many apps, but with this particular one, I really don't have any complaints - I agree that it's sleek - it feels good to work in it, and I think quite a lot of thought went into the app. I really hope the Mac version lives up to its predecessors, and not just lives up to them, but blows them out of the water. Happy about the launch!
@hubert_alexander Thanks for the nice words Hubert. Let us know what you think of Vectornator Pro!
@hubert_alexander @deniel_fasco Thanks Deniel. We would love to hear your feedback once you try it out :)
Ooooh, I already love this! Way to go, Vectornator Pro For Mac!
@darya_jandossova Thanks Darya! Glad you love it!