Collaborative online meeting rooms, scheduled on autopilot.

Vectera brings collaborative whiteboarding, cobrowsing and videomeetings to you in virtual meeting rooms that keep your content. Use the integrated scheduler to get bookings on autopilot.
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17 Reviews5.0/5
We’re early adopters and superfans of Vectera here at team TSG ( — why, you ask? Well — 1. Best in class white boarding and co-browsing, 2. Seamless performance, 3. Slick aesthetic that’s neck and neck with our friends at (see our xroom deployment at or our Vectera slickness at - for instance - 😍😍😍) — most importantly, cliched as it sounds? “It just works” - when it comes to focusing on what matters in the meetings we take - the clients and their dreams/aspirations/challenges - Vectera means, to us, the pristine combo of “one less thing to worry about” in tandem with “sweet platform that leaves the right kinda impression” - they’ve earned their way into our hearts, and I can’t overstate how happy we are. Keep it up guys! —
For regular meetings, I greatly prefer Vectera over alternatives like Zoom. Being able to step back into a similar environment with all your documents, annotations, and whiteboards really is a killer feature. The product is constantly growing and improving. Vectera is now my go-to meeting app, and my business is better off for it.
Hi PH people! After 3 years of constant improvements, major iterations and weeding out bugs...It’s finally here on ProductHunt! We’re doing online meetings every day, all day... Is your online meeting limited to video and an occasional screen share? There is more you can do to make the best out of your meeting time: 🤝 Virtual meeting rooms that keep your content in sync ✏️Annotate documents and whiteboard together 🌐 Co browse the web with shared keyboard and mouse input, without installs for guests 🔴 Record your conversations to the cloud 📅 Integrated meeting scheduling (includes round-robin team scheduling and payment collection) 🌩️Fully cloud based, accessible from any device, no need to download apps. 🔌API available to embed in your app or platform 🤩Check the reviews on Bonus for reading this entire section, and exclusive for PH today: Get 20% off your first invoice! Only valid today. Apply the coupon code “HELLYEAH” to your cart.
@dieter_dehaemers there is even more we can do with this awesome tool, one of the best purchases I ever made, and it is only getting better, thank you for the awesome work and support you provide!
@byadamhr Thanks Adam, so great to see your continued support and feedback!!
@dieter_dehaemers Absolutely a pleasure to support such a great tool and team!
I use Vectera since 5 months, and my clients are impressed how easy it is to have a video meeting with me or in a group. I love the straightforward onboarding process for the clients. NO pesky installation, everything is browser based. Vectera has everything i want - Whiteboard functionality, screen sharing and (what i love most) cobrowse where i can show my clients the development status of a project.
@authentic_weboptimierung Great to hear you appreciate it Wolfgang!
We've been using Vectera for a couple of months now. Great to see the product evolve and grow. Helps us to collaborate remotely on pretty much any topic. Thumbs up for the team!