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What do people think of Whereby?

The community submitted 94 reviews to tell us what they like about Whereby, what Whereby can do better, and more.
What do you think about Whereby?
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94 Reviews
Brandon Hull
Revenue Leader in SaaS
7 reviews
Huge fan and paid subscriber to Whereby. My only "complaint" is that they have zero plugins/addons that could add value like Zoom. But it's so refreshing to have an easy alternative that works without a download.

Nikki Pantony
Product Designer & Jamstack Developer.
1 review
Whereby is the best video meetings solution around. I have been using them for many years, even before they changed their name to Whereby. They are simple to use and clients only need a URL to join a meeting, no downloading anything, simple!

Preben Frenning
Ecommerce/Music - Cofounder @ Hyttefeber
5 reviews
Whereby has hosted our virtual office since 2019. We rarely have "meetings", but we sit in a virtual office on a dedicated screen with our team all day. Whereby is also great for meetings though. Near-zero friction for new people. No downloads or confusing things. Effective screen share, chat, and the option to lock your office so people have to knock to enter. Love it.

Jimena Catalina
Designer & creator of SlidesCarnival
4 reviews
I love the option of having my own chatroom url and being able to share it at any time to talk to someone.

Creating designs that convert | UI/UX designer

4 reviews
what can I say they are brilliant - I'd love to be their brand ambassador!

Adam Oskwarek
3 reviews
Great! I'm a fan

Kaya Lordoğlu
Business Intel Exec @ TransferChain
3 reviews
I've been using Whereby for over a year now. It is very robust and user friendly. I will continue using my Whereby chatroom as opposed to Zoom or MS Teams

Elisa Reggiardo
Partnerships @ Slite
16 reviews
Whereby is so so so good that I even use it in my personal life, what a flawless experience, beautifully designed, with a great team and mission behind 💙

Marva Jackson Lord
10 reviews
Ive used this product for some time. It is so easy to use. The only reason I font use as much us due to clients using other products. Needs more publicity.

dachi gubadze
2 reviews
Awesome tool