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Vectary 2.0 is an online collaborative design tool that changes the way design teams create 3D content for web, AR or VR. Think of Google Docs for 3D design. Super simple UI makes it easy for beginners and pros. Create 3D for web, typography or UX mockups by drag&drop and render visuals in minutes.

  • Pros: 

    Easy to use tool producing quick results.


    Non-traditional UI

    The 2.0 seems to be a huge improvement to what was already a great tool!

    JaroslavLuptak has used this product for one year.
  • Sirius Nottin
    Sirius Nottin🇫🇷 French student in web design.

    so easy to use

    easier than 3ds max when you start 3d like me


    we can quickly find ourselves limited if we want to make too complex projects

    it reconciled me with the 3d to make beautiful designs :)

    Sirius Nottin has used this product for one day.
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Michal Koor
Michal KoorMaker@michalkoor · CEO @VECTARY
Hey everyone 👋 We’re excited to be reviewed on Product hunt today! Thank you for hunting us, Chris! Please don’t hesitate to ask anything, we’d be happy to answer. Vectary is for free, but if you want to try our premium features use “PRODUCTHUNT” coupon to get 50% off for the first month. We are proud to say, that we are the first online mesh 3D design tool, that supports real-time collaboration in one scene. Think of Google Docs for 3D design. Vectary is a powerful design tool for remote design teams, freelancers and their clients, graphic designers, who want to get into 3D, game designers and UX designers, teachers and students. Since a year and half ago when we launched our first public beta we’ve already empowered hundreds of thousand of teachers, students and makers. Now is time to give our creative weapon to graphic designers too 🤗We see the need for quality modern 3D work in web, graphic design, AR and VR and decided to give designers a tool that will let them play and create 3D scenes from their imagination without needing years of 3D skills. VECTARY allows you to: Collaborate with multiple designers on one scene in real-time Create 3D scenes by drag and drop Use powerful modeling toolkit Render visuals in real-time Use library of templates, objects, textures and lights Handle all major 2D and 3D files Create Facebook 3D posts … all happening online in the browser! Read more on our blog: Can’t wait to hear your thoughts, questions and feedback!
Michal Koor
Michal KoorMaker@michalkoor · CEO @VECTARY
@brian_li1 thank you :)
Petra Kemkova
Petra Kemkova@fintula · Founder, Minty and Picture Desk magazine
One of my most fav companies! Great tool, easy to use 3D modeling solution ;)
Mirka Biel Kasanicka
Mirka Biel KasanickaMaker@mirkabiel · Online Creative
@fintula Thank you! We hope Vectary will help to create many talented Minty artists too! 😻
musHo@musho · Digital Art Director
I'm a pretty big fan of their non-traditional interface and controls. The tool is very welcoming towards younger/starting 3D enthusiasts, or if you just want really quickly test out and idea in an 3D environment. I hope 3D models library will keep growing as more people will get addicted.
Mirka Biel Kasanicka
Mirka Biel KasanickaMaker@mirkabiel · Online Creative
@musho thanks for nice words! Have you tried to connect Google Poly library? It's a quite hidden feature but it can grow the library for thousands of models :)
musHo@musho · Digital Art Director
@mirkabiel I haven't, will take a look
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Looks great !! Will definitely try it to Out
Brona Molnarova
Brona MolnarovaMaker@bronamolnarova · it's only impossible until it's done
@ayush_chandra great :) tweet us what you make!
Mirka Biel Kasanicka
Mirka Biel KasanickaMaker@mirkabiel · Online Creative
@ayush_chandra Can't wait to hear your feedback!
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
What features are you most excited about with this latest version? @evelyn @alica_s @michal_orsag
Evelyn Andrassyova
Evelyn AndrassyovaMaker@evelyn
My fav thing is that anyone is able to start creating 3D visuals without having prior 3D skills :)
Alica Ševčíková
Alica ŠevčíkováMaker@alica_s · graphic designer
@evelyn @michal_orsag @abadesi I love the built-in rendering! It’s nice that you don’t have to use a separate rendering tool and render it online right away.
Andrej Klement
Andrej KlementMaker@klementino
@abadesi This is a game changer! In the previous version, I could do only 3D modeling and used it for 3D printing. Now I can browse for tons of 3D assets, compose a scene with lights and materials and render high-quality images. I could not believe my eyes when I first saw this rendering quality in my browser, I really do not need any other software to create my designs, it supports even 2D image import and I can add my own textures. From now on I create all my cover-images and post-images with Vectary.
Michal Orsag
Michal OrsagMaker@michal_orsag
@abadesi Real-time collaboration, because it means that I can just invite my colleagues into the scene I am working on and they can see the design right away. Convenience