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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 19, 2019

Veamly centralizes all your work in one place, bringing all your collaboration apps in one desktop app and all your conversations in a main feed with a unified search.

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🎉🎉🎉Hi Everyone, this is Emna, co-founder of Veamly. Thank you SO MUCH @chrismessina for hunting us. Today is a huge day for us as we have been working super hard around the clock for the past year and a half to make this dream come true. At Veamly, we are obsessed with productivity and communication. We realized that things are getting more and more chaotic at work. We ourselves are lost with jumping back and forth between different platforms we use, keeping up with all the conversations happening all over. We kept forgetting when we last saw something and wasted a lot of time searching all over for anything we ever needed. We quickly realized we weren't the only ones suffering from this. Every single person we talked to was simply struggling with the same thing. This is truly the golden era of productivity tools yet ironically they are making us less productive. We decided we needed to do something about it, to come up with a new solution to help us with our productivity , keep us focused and really less overwhelmed. Our goal is to get people to truly have a better workflow , streamline communication and make data across their apps work better for them. We have a true dream of making people better communicate and get them to feel less overwhelmed with all that's happening across their apps daily. We want to simply lower the cognitive load for people so they can be productive again. Veamly becomes your apps hub and unique workstation where you can access all your apps (Jira, Slack, Intercom..etc) with one feed on top across all your conversations. This conversational task list allows you to quickly know what's going on everywhere in your workflow, send quick replies, and search information everywhere. We barely got started and we know we definitely don't have enough integrations and still have lots of things to improve. We are counting on you to help us, to test it out, give us feedback and together contribute to the productivity of tomorrow. We asked every Veamler to stop what they are doing, to answer your every question , get every request and help get you started 😻 Because this is something we care a lot about , we wrote few posts to help people embrace a true state of balance and focus, I hope you like them! 7 key differences between busy people and productive people Is the 4 day work week the future of work? Yes, you can still do great work without experiencing burnouts Disrupt Your To-do List with This One Hack 7 Ways to Be More Productive at a Startup
Props @emna_ghariani1 🙌🙌🙌
Hi Emna I have just skimmed over your platform quickly congratulations on the launch, are you currently in beta, seems to be a very rushed website and missing many platforms/ partners from initial look? I do agree this is definitely a space that could be improved upon for us all, how would you differentiate yourself from other platforms already in this space, Station to name one? Looking forward to seeing how your platform evolves moving forward, good luck 👍🏻 Jay @JayDoubleuUK
@johndesk27 Thank you for the comment 😃We are in Beta indeed and definitely missing a lot of platforms. We are excited to be heavily pushing more integrations in the next few months. In terms of differentiation, we are focusing fully on the interoperability as a main core of business and on smartly aggregating the data for the user across their apps. We get users a conversational task list across their apps. They can process it faster through several actions like quick replies, unified search and more. The goal is to keep them always focused in one place while still accessing their favorite apps. Our main features are: -A cross-apps feed where you can see all your conversations across your apps in one feed. Whether it is a Jira comment or a slack message, you can easily send quick reply, star it to keep track of it or simply archive it. -Unified Search meaning you can search everything across your apps from one platform. -Centralized workstation as we integrate your collaboration apps in a seamless way so that you don't feel a change in your workflow and still are able to access them all in one place. Emna 😸
👋 How are you different from Station ?
@wojtekidd Or Rambox or Franz?
@wojtekidd @phillipprado Thank you for commenting! To answer your question: We mainly focus on aggregating all the conversational data and ensuring the interoperability between your applications to avoid context-switching and increase your productivity; Quick actions like replying to a conversation or escalating a support ticket to engineering are one of the key drivers in keeping the user focused. On top of that, we give you the ability to search across all your applications without having to remember when and where a conversation has started. Ramzi

Amazing progress with the product in the past weeks!


easy on-boarding, cool alerts


nothing yet

Love the app! Have been using Station for a while and while it has been amazing experience initially, the focus of Station on adding more apps and less on integration has been detrimental. Now, my Notion is just the tabs I had previously on Chrome. @emna_ghariani1, any roadmap of other apps that will be soon added? Your challenge is to maintain the focus on integration while increasing the number of app integrated! Good luck 🙌🙌🙌🙌!
@protact Thank you for your comment 🤩Yes we will be heavily adding other apps in the next few months like gmail, salesforce, github, microsoft 365 and more! If any requests, please send them to us, it will help us know better how to prioritize our roadmap!