It's a bot that builds landing pages for any job openings. The link can be shared anywhere, candidates apply directly and send their video applications. So helpful especially now when we're self-isolating and everyone is tired of endless video conferencing.
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Hey guys, I’m super excited to launch VCV Pages and thank you so much @kevin for hunting us. While we're all self-isolating to help flatten the curve, we still need to run a business and hire new team members. In the current situation, where the whole world is working from home, it’s hard to be on non-stop zoom calls all day long. Especially when you need to find a quiet place from your kids or manage calls in different time zones. We've developed a solution that helps to decrease the number of job interviews by replacing online calls with short recorded video resumes applied on a nice job page. It’s super easy to use - just tell a bot what position you have to fill, and it will create a nice job landing page. Then share the link on social media and get video responses from candidates just like Snapchat stories. No more sharing your email in job posts and getting thousands of irrelevant DMs. And it’s free. Click the link above and check out how it works. I'd love to get your feedback and answer any questions you may have. Be safe, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Cheers, Arik
@kevin @arik_akhverdyan Great product! We like it!
Great product guys, are you going to have integration with upwork? (for auto posting the job)
@goldman_artem it works easier - you just add a link to your upwork post and that's it
Wow! It looks soooo good! Give me two! Great job, guys! Really something we need at DeckRobot
@tony_urban Hi Tony, thanks a lot for your feedback, so happy that you like it! Have you created your job post already?:) After you do, share it anywhere you like and start getting videos!
As a member of a fully remote team, I saw my boss struggle trying to find suitable candidates and manage them correctly. I believe adding a video element and simplifying the process with landing pages like you did by building VCV Pages make the hiring process less tiring. I think that your product can help teams hire remotely in a post-virus world. Good job guys!
@bujold19 Gabriel, thank you so much! We strongly believe this helps. Our team is also partly remote (and totally remote at the moment obviously) and I can't imagine hiring without this video element. It's always a decision of the whole team or department when we make a job offer, so sharing video applications makes life so much easier. And besides that there's an option to record video questions, to make it more personal for candidates and to introduce the team. So works great for both parties. Please give it a try and I hope you'll love the tool!
@alexlevit Will do! Already forwarded the product to my boss :)
Can it be used for any other sort of interview (university, competition etc)?
@hovhannes_yeritsyan yes, sure! our clients use it for different roles such as assistant, sales manager, accountant, marketing specialist, engineers and many others