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Gabriel Cebrian
Lawrence Grigorescu
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  • Ness zouaoui
    Ness zouaouiceo @ lya

    Well executed, easy to use, good results


    It's a copy of is a service created by a close relation. I can't go deeper in the details but the founders of Aingel have clear evidences prooving it's a copy, you can use both services and see. Also, vcmatchapp used their pro email to test Aingel before so... But it's part of the game. I like the introduction feature though, it's well executed. :-)

    Ness zouaoui has used this product for one day.
  • Lawrence Grigorescu
    Lawrence GrigorescuHappy hunting!

    Seems like an interesting idea.


    I tried to do a search and got a blank page with no results.

    Def. an interesting idea and would love to give it another shot soon.

    Lawrence Grigorescu has used this product for one day.