VC Match

Who are the best VCs for your startup?

Answer 7 questions about your founding team, your company, and connect to your network. Get a shortlist of VCs who best matches with your criteria, including who scores #1.

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👋Hi Product Hunt Community! I'm one of the makers and a previous founder. We built this to find the right VC faster. Answer 7 questions about your founding team, your company, and connect to your network. You'll then get a shortlist of the VCs who best match with you, including your #1. This is a tool created for the community by the community so we would love to hear what you think. Try it out and get to your right VCs faster, today!
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@heyamylin congrats on the launch, Amy! Small bug: results aren't getting served up if the 'ref=producthunt' parameter is included in the url.
@petalev oh good catch! Fixed now. :) lmk what you think using VC Match!
How do introductions work, @heyamylin? Are these VC's opting into receiving messages or is there another way of managing inbound.
@rrhoover Introductions are made through a trusted mutual connection of the Founder and VC.
@heyamylin How do you find out if the mutual connection is a trusted connection? I'm assuming you use the Gmail graph for finding mutual connections. In that case, wouldn't it just be someone who I have emailed in the past? (may or may not be trusted)
OMG this is amazing! Thanks @heyamylin. Have you thought about having the connections through Linkedin?
@marlasg Great idea and something we've thought of but LinkedIn's API doesn't support that functionality! :( If only! is a service created by a close relation. I can't go deeper in the details but the founders of Aingel have clear evidences prooving it's a copy, you can use both services and see. Also, vcmatchapp used their pro email to test Aingel before so... But it's part of the game. I like the introduction feature though, it's well executed. :-)


Well executed, easy to use, good results


It's a copy of

This is awesome. Will share it with my founder friends... wish I had it when I was fundraising. Where is the data from?
@karen_x_cheng The data is self-reported from the VCs and community driven from Signal, the Founder-VC network with over 4m+ connections and 6,700+ VCs on the platform. This is the v1.0 of the matching algorithm and we will continuously improve it as more Founders use it and give feedback.