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This week, Travis and Stewart have been in Lisbon for Web Summit, where 53,056 people ate over 97,000 custard pastries, and the world's best minds came together to drop knowledge bombs across 17 stages. We reveal who we interviewed for our special VB Engage: Web Summit episodes, and discuss the highlights of the conference, before talking with the brilliant Veronica Belmont on how big brands are embracing chatbots, why discovery is a big issue, and what her favorite chatbot examples are, one of which is like having a therapist in your pocket.
@therealsjr HOLLYWOOD STAR?? I assume you're not talking about me there. 😆
@veronica While you are clearly a star, we're referring to a forthcoming guest that dropped by our recording booth at Web Summit. It's not a big secret - we tell you in the first ten minutes of today's episode. :)
@therealsjr Ok, phew! I can't listen to shows that I'm a guest on, it freaks me out.
@therealsjr @veronica do you guys use BotList for discovery? Why or why not?
@sethlouey @therealsjr I'm familiar with it! And now I see that our Growbot page is very outdated... need to figure out how to update it! Hehe.